Sunday, October 16, 2016

15 Cool Creative Treehouses That Will Give An Ideea Of How To Build Your Own

     For all those people that want to build a tree house but don't know how or what designs they should choose, this might give you some ideas.

1. Simple but rustic is always a good idea.

2. Tree House build on the trunk of a dead cherry tree.

3. Or maybe you want to take everything on a higher level and build a tree house hotel

4. Or a tree house near the neighbor's tree house

5. I just like the view for this one.

6.Tree House church? Why not.

7. This type of design always gives me a warm feeling.

8. Can't cut in straight lines? No problem.

9. In HD mode :D

10. I have no idea based on what Sci-Fi Movie is this one based but is by far my favorite.

11. Another simple design with a small porch that i really like.

12. I don't know about this one but i like it. I don't think i would call it a tree house.

13. A tree house during winter with a fire place an already prepared wood.

14. I like this tree house because of the simple but cool and modern look, but i cant say i agree with that lader.

15. If your kid likes stories with pirates then this is the perfect tree house for him.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

22 Creative Ideas Of True Art Sculptures

For those who like to have a piece of art in their own home this 22 pictures will give you an idea of what is best for you.